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Welcome to the 1st issue of the Doll Knitting Designs newsletter!

Thank you to those people who have provided such nice comments through the "Contact us" form...it is much appreciated!

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DKD Table of Contents

New patterns now available

DKD patterns coming soon

The new "Optional" DKD Patterns

Knitting tip for this issue

New patterns now available

The beautiful DKD patterns shown below are now available!

For details on each of these stunning designs click on each picture below or visit the DKD website.

Link to ALL DKD doll knitting patterns

DKD Patterns coming soon

The following patterns will be available soon.

Check back often to the DKD website. Bookmark it so you will not forget the address!

Click on this link to go to the Doll Knitting Designs homepage

The NEW "Optional" DKD Patterns

COMING SOON - an exciting new pattern concept!

Some of you might look at some of the DKD patterns & see the detailed work involved such as....trims, edgings, lace patterns...and may not wish to spend so much time on these items!

...a couple of reasons why the "Optional" DKD Patterns might be perfect for you - maybe, you would rather watch TV and continue knitting without having to stop & review the pattern instructions...or keep count of the rows in a pattern.

...another good reason - perhaps, you might like to get a pattern finished as quickly as possible, so that you can start the next DKD pattern - especially if you are making items for a charity or a bazaar to sell.

The "Optional" DKD Patterns system makes all this possible for you!

The pictures below will give you a good idea of the possibilities of this unique pattern presentation.

...the regular pattern would be as shown on the left leg with it's detailed trim. The "Optional" instructions would be as shown on the right leg - much more simple & faster to complete.

Also, offered with this pattern would be "Optional" instructions for the bib section of these coveralls....instead of the lace pattern stitch insert, the bib would be the much easier & faster garter stitch.

...both options will be included in the pattern instructions that you purchase & will be clearly marked in the regular flow of the DKD pattern.

I am sure you will be happy with these NEW "Optional" DKD patterns!

Knitting tip for this issue

Take the time to read over your new pattern before starting your project. It will give you a good idea of what to expect and could save you from making a time consuming mistake.

I hope that you have enjoyed this 1st newsletter from Doll Knitting Designs!

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Happy DKD Knitting!