Knitting Tips

While designing and knitting these lovely outfits, I realized that there are many little tips that can help to ensure that the outfits you knit are as gorgeous as the ones shown on this website. this section you will find a list of tips that will greatly help in your knitting experience.

...if you have any tips that you would like to share, please send them to me via the "Contact us" page & I will be happy to post them on this page!

Knitting Tips for Doll Knitting Designs
.....when you make a mistake, correct it by undoing backwards on the row, carefully stitch by stitch
.....cast on slowly and evenly to keep the tension as consistent as possible
.....take the time to read over your new pattern before starting your project. It will give you a good idea of what to expect and could save you from making a time consuming mistake
.....the lace type patterns in my designs are not as difficult as they might appear. They are all comprised of knit, purl, increase & decrease stitches
.....make it a habit to always use a good light
.....cast off in an even consistent manner
.....when a pattern includes knitting charts, review them before beginning the chart
.....using a movable post-it on your pattern is a great way to keep track of which row you are on. Another good idea is to use a row counter
.....when making a ruffle or other gathered piece, it is a good idea to press lightly with an iron before the gathering or decrease row

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